Montag, 6. Januar 2014

Gestern hat Händler der Karibik den goldenen SpielePod gewonnen! Ich bedanke mich recht herzlich bei der sympathischen Jury für die Auszeichnung. Klicke hier für die Punktevergabe von

Dann gab es noch eine wunderschön bebilderte Rezension von


  1. Dear Alexander,
    I've read a lot of great comments on Handler der Karibik and I feel ashamed I didn't take the occasion to pick it up at Essen.

    I tried to find it here in Germany, where I live, but had no luck.
    Do you have any suggestion on where I could buy it?
    Maybe you have a copy you'd like to sell or you can point me to a reseller?

    Thanks a lot,

  2. Hi Gabriele, right now the game is sold out. It will be reprinted in spring. I will inform you on my blog, when there is an official date.

    1. So happy for you, well done! (...but too bad for me, I really wish my visit at Essen had been a bit smarter!)
      I'll check your blog for further news on the availability of the game, thank you very much!